End to End Tailored Program by Industry Experts: Supporting International Students from Preparation to Job Placement

8 Month Advanced Prep Program with Industry Mentors by Your Side 1:1, Create Your Capstone Project, Work on Real-Time Projects, Build Your GitHub Portfolio and Resume with Actual Industry Insights, Leverage Community Support, Receive Tailored Interview Coaching from Experts, and Collaborate with Our Career Support Team to Secure Your First IT Position with Dedicated Job Application Support.

Accredited by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges.

Certificate Number #2287

Registration Date 04/10/2024

July 2024 Cohort

Data Analytics and Machine Learning Cohort

Bridging Academia and Industry

Take the final step in your IT education journey with ElevateMe, starting July 1st, 2024. This intensive program is your gateway to industry recognition and a flourishing career in the U.S. IT sector.

30 Seats Available Only

  • Expert-Led Instructions
  • Certification of Distinction
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Cohort Starting From

Mon, 1 July, 2024

How ElevateMe Works

Your 8 Months Odyssey: A Comprehensive Blueprint for IT Mastery
Ignite Your IT Ambitions

Start with tech tools and a lively community to build a strong foundation for your learning journey.

Elevate Your Technical Prowess

Explore projects and strategies to enhance tech skills, honing your grasp of key IT concepts for real challenges.

From Learning to Professional Practice

Transition from theory to practicality with complex projects that refine your skills for the job market.

Master Your Skills and Launch Your Tech Career

Complete your training by showcasing skills, engaging employers, and using your portfolio for an IT position.

Key Services

At ElevateMe, we provide more than just instruction. Our all-inclusive key services are designed to assist you every step of the way, from education to securing your ideal position in the US IT sector.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project bridges academic and real-world IT challenges with expert-guided, practical projects tailored to students’ goals.

Real-Time Project Training

Real-Time Project Training offers hands-on IT industry experience, featuring projects from top US companies, guided by experts.

GitHub Portfolio

Build a standout GitHub portfolio showcasing your technical skills and project experience, guided by industry experts.

Professional Resume and LinkedIn Building

Craft a professional resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile with expert guidance to stand out in the U.S. IT job market.

1:1 Technical Mentorship

Get personalized 1:1 Technical Mentoring from industry experts to sharpen your IT skills and professional readiness.

Job Seekers Community

Connect with a network of peers and mentors to boost learning and career growth.

Why Join Us

Choosing ElevateMe provides International IT students who aspire to succeed in the US IT market with unparalleled benefits. Here's why ElevateMe is the best choice available.
Certification and Credibility

Obtain a certificate that validates your skills and training.

Career Acceleration

Swiftly transition from academia to a professional career, reducing the typical transition time.

Skill Enhancement

Enhance your technical skills through hands-on project experience and expert-led training.

Portfolio Development

Craft a robust portfolio showcasing real-world projects, increasing employability and visibility 1:1 with an industry expert career coach.

Time Saving

Our team handles the job applications for you, enabling you to dedicate more time to refining your technical skills and preparing for interviews.

Interview Readiness

Receive targeted coaching to excel in technical and cultural fit interviews, boosting your success rates.

About Us

ElevateMe offers a groundbreaking path for International students hoping to make an impact in the US IT sector.

Our goal is to unleash your potential and elevate you to the top of this competitive field, enabling you to make a lasting impact. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way with an expert-led curriculum, practical project experience, and comprehensive career support. Join us to achieve your American dream and launch an incredible IT career.

Course We Offer

ElevateMe offers skillfully designed course tailored specifically for International students embarking on a transformative path in the U.S. IT sector. Our curriculum is crafted to equip you with practical experience and in-demand skills.

Data Analytics and Machine learning

The Data Analytics and Machine Learning course at ElevateMe is designed for aspiring data professionals looking to harness the power of data to make informed decisions.

How to Enroll 

This program is approved by the State of Ohio. To enroll, students must go through a technical assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment, students can enroll in the program.

Admission Process

Complete Online application
Take assessment
Interview with our team