What is ElevateMe

ElevateMe is a game-changing disruptor in the educational landscape, specifically crafted to revolutionize how International Students prepare for and secure opportunities in the U.S. IT industry. Accredited by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges, this program stands out not only for its compliance and credibility but also for its innovative approach to bridging the gap between education and employment.

As a disruptor, ElevateMe shifts the traditional paradigms of job searching by providing a comprehensive, integrated training regimen that directly aligns with the real-time needs of the industry. It’s not just about preparing students for the job market; it’s about rewriting the rules of how international graduates integrate into and excel within the American tech sector. ElevateMe’s unique selling point lies in its commitment to authenticity and effectiveness, ensuring that every participant is not just job-ready but is primed to thrive in challenging environments.

Student Problems

  • Job Placement Pressure
  • Career Direction Uncertainty
  • Inadequate Guidance Worry
  • Technology and Skills Selection
  • Right Resume creation
  • Professional Networking Difficulties
  • Cultural Integration Challenges
  • Meeting Employer expectation
  • Sustainable Career Choices
  • Long-Term Career Viability

One Stop Solution

This program is changing the job searching landscape by equipping students with not only the technical skills required by today’s top employers but also the soft skills necessary to navigate the complex cultural nuances of the American workplace. ElevateMe offers a path to employment that is comprehensive, direct, and supportive, making it the program that international IT graduates have been waiting for. Join ElevateMe and be part of a pioneering group of professionals setting new standards in tech career readiness.

From Personal Challenges to Professional Breakthroughs

The Journey of Shani Bhavsar and the Creation of ElevateMe

Shani Bhavsar’s journey from an international student at SUNY Polytechnic Institute to becoming the pioneering CEO of ElevateMe is a powerful narrative of inspiration, transformation, and strategic innovation. His experience as an international student in the U.S. laid the foundation for ElevateMe, a program designed to solve the critical challenges faced by International Students seeking careers in the U.S. IT industry.

During his studies, Shani encountered the significant challenge of bridging the gap between academic theories and the practical, hands-on skills demanded by the dynamic IT sector. He realized that many International Students struggle with this transition, lacking the real-world skills necessary to succeed despite having strong theoretical knowledge. This was compounded by the cultural adjustment required to navigate the American professional landscape, an aspect often underestimated but crucial for career success.

Moreover, starting his career in a new country without a robust professional network highlighted another significant barrier—access to job opportunities and industry insights. Shani understood the critical role that mentorship and networking play in career advancement, especially for those far from home.

Motivated by these challenges and equipped with a deep understanding of the gaps in traditional educational approaches, Shani founded ElevateMe. His vision for the program was clear: to empower International Students with a comprehensive toolkit that includes not only technical training but also cultural acclimatization and networking opportunities. ElevateMe was crafted to ensure that International Students are not only prepared academically but are also well-equipped to secure and excel in IT roles within the U.S., turning potential challenges into stepping stones for success. Through ElevateMe, Shani seeks to provide a direct pathway to employment, making the journey smoother and more successful for International Students following in his footsteps.

The Minds Behind ElevateMe

A brilliant team working together, sharing their experiences, and fostering a culture of shared success.

Shani Bhavsar


Prachit Shah

Operations Manager

Abhishek Bhati

Admission Manager

Nitti V Mohan

Career Service Manager

Archit Garg

Technical Mentor

Michelle Licata

Career Coach