Refund Policy

ElevateMe has a structured refund policy in place to ensure fairness and transparency for all students. This refund policy adheres to Refund policy of the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools in accordance with following provisions as established by Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-10.

Refund Policy
Timeline Student Gets Student Pays
< 1 Week 100% 0%
1 to 3 Weeks 75% 25%
3 to 5 Weeks 50% 50%
5 to 8 Weeks 25% 75%
8 Weeks > 0% 100%

The fees paid by the student is strictly for the 20 weeks Technical Course work offered by ElevateMe. Career Coaching and Placement services offered by ElevateMe is free of charge services exclusively offered by ElevateMe for the convenience of the student.

Withdrawal Within one Week period
  • If a student withdraws within one week of enrollment, they will be refunded 100% of the amount paid to ElevateMe and the student will no longer owe anything to ElevateMe.
  • If the student has pursued for the financing option, ElevateMe will be refunding 100% of the amount back to student and the student will thereafter payback the bank.
Withdrawal Within three Weeks period
  • If a student who starts the class and withdraws before the academic term is 3 Weeks (15%) completed will be obligated to pay 25% of the tuition fees. If the partial payment towards 25% is done, the student still owes ElevateMe the remainder of the 25%.
  • If the student has opted for financing, ElevateMe will refund 75% of the amount to the student, who will then repay 75% of the loan directly to the bank. The student will make monthly payments of that 25% or adhere to predetermined terms agreed upon between the financing bank and themselves.

Program Termination Policy

ElevateMe is committed to maintaining a high standard of education and expects all students to actively participate in the bootcamp. ElevateMe reserves the right to cancel or terminate a student's enrollment based on their performance. Grounds for termination may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Consistent lack of performance

At ElevateMe, we are committed to helping each student succeed. To achieve this, we maintain high educational standards and support systems. It is essential that students actively engage in their learning process to meet these standards.

    1. Consistent lack of performance

      To qualify for certification from ElevateMe, students must achieve a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0. If a student’s GPA falls below this threshold, they will not be eligible for certification upon course completion. However, students will have the opportunity to consult with their instructors to discuss potential options for retaking the course or specific modules to improve their grades.

    2. Additional Support and Expectations:

      In cases where a student is struggling to keep up with the course requirements, ElevateMe will provide extensive support, including up to 10 additional sessions with an instructor to address specific challenges. Despite this additional support, if a student fails to:

      • Complete the necessary projects as per the course requirements,
      • Attend and participate in the community sessions and workshops,
      • Actively work on and incorporate feedback from instructors and peers, and still shows no measurable improvement in performance, it may be necessary to reconsider their continuation in the program.
    3. Termination of Enrollment

      Continued enrollment in ElevateMe is contingent upon consistent performance and engagement. If a student cannot meet these requirements even after all additional support has been provided, ElevateMe reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrollment in the interest of maintaining the program’s standards. In such cases, any refund will be processed according to our stated refund policy.

Regularly missing sessions

At ElevateMe, we understand that students may occasionally miss sessions due to unforeseen circumstances. To ensure that all students can keep up with the course material and maintain their progress throughout the bootcamp, we have established the following guidelines:

  1. Missed Session Policy
    • Students are allowed to miss up to a total of 30 hours of sessions, combining both one-on-one and group sessions.
    • One-on-One Sessions: If a student misses a one-on-one session, they must reschedule it. Prompt arrangements for makeup sessions are crucial to ensure continuity in their learning.
    • Group Sessions: If a student misses a group session, they are required to watch the recorded session and complete any associated assignments or homework distributed during the session.
  2. Notification and Monitoring
    • After a student has missed 20 hours of sessions, ElevateMe will issue a notification. This serves as a reminder for the student to review and catch up on any pending assignments or content they have missed. This is a critical checkpoint to help students stay aligned with the program’s requirements.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are caught up with all missed content and assignments after being notified.
  3. Termination of Enrollment
    • If a student exceeds 30 hours of missed sessions, ElevateMe reserves the right to terminate their enrollment in the bootcamp. This measure is taken to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure that all students meet the expected standards of engagement and learning.
    • Any refunds due to termination under these circumstances will be processed according to our established refund policy. This policy ensures that while students have flexibility, they also have a clear structure to follow so that missed sessions do not hinder their overall success in the program.

Grading Policy and Certification

Grading Policy

Students will be graded on their assignments throughout the program. If an assignment is not fully completed, the student will be asked to resubmit. It is essential for students to pass the capstone project to progress to real-time projects. Every homework and assignment, including those for the capstone, theory, and real-time projects, will be graded. Student will be given a marksheet/ Transcript at the end of their graduation; they will be graded out of 4 GPA. 1 GPA for capstone & Realtime project each, 1 GPA for their theoretical and Git, 1 GPA for their theoretical presentation of the Projects. If the student fails to score over 3 GPA he/she will be considered to have failed, they will be given one month to work on their scoring and improve their grades, but if the Student still fails to cope up and improve scoring they will be terminated from the ElevateMe program.


Upon successful completion of the program, Students will receive a certificate from ElevateMe. The certificate will not display grades. If a student does not successfully pass the capstone and real-time projects, they will be considered to have failed and will not be eligible for certification. The certification from ElevateMe serves as a testament to the student’s dedication and mastery of the skills taught in the bootcamp.

Holiday schedule and Offs

Weekend Policy

Sessions or one-on-one sessions will not be conducted on weekends unless notified in advance by the instructors. This policy allows for a balance between structured learning and personal time for reflection and self-study.

Leave Policy

Students at ElevateMe have the option to take a leave, if necessary, although it is strongly encouraged that leaves be scheduled on days when there are no one-on-one meetings. If a student needs to take a leave, they must notify both their career coach and technical coach/instructor and reschedule any missed meetings. All webinars and community gatherings will be recorded, allowing students to catch up on missed material in their own time. This ensures that students can stay on track with their coursework and not fall behind due to unforeseen circumstances.

Holiday Schedule

ElevateMe observes the following holidays, during which no sessions will be conducted:

  1. New year’s day
  2. Memorial day
  3. Independence day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Thanksgiving day
  6. Christmas day

Students are encouraged to use these breaks to recharge and prepare for the upcoming sessions.

State Board & Grievance Information

ElevateMe is committed to providing a fair and effective grievance procedure for students. If a student has a concern or complaint that cannot be resolved through normal channels, they have the right to contact the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. The Board can be reached at 30 East Broad Street, Suite 2481, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3414, by phone at (614) 466-2752 or toll-free at (877) 275-4219, by fax at (614) 466-2219, or via email at More information can be found on the Board’s website at It is important for students to know that they have the option to escalate their concerns to the Board if necessary, and ElevateMe will fully cooperate with any investigation or resolution process initiated by the Board.