Unmatched Benefits for the Students

Selecting ElevateMe provides International IT students hoping to succeed in the US IT market with unmatched benefits.

Certification and Credibility

ElevateMe students receive a certification upon completion that not only validates their acquired skills but also enhances their professional credibility in the competitive IT job market. This program is accredited by the state board of career colleges, ensuring that the certificate carries significant weight in your professional profile. This accreditation emphasizes the rigorous standards and industry relevance of the curriculum, making your certification a testament to your readiness and capability in the field.

Career Acceleration

ElevateMe effectively bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical IT skills, greatly accelerating the transition from education to professional employment. This rapid advancement is supported by a rigorous 8-week capstone project complemented by over 200 hours of hands-on, real-time project training. Together, these elements ensure that students are not only adept in technical skills but also experienced with actual industry applications, making them highly competitive in the IT job market.

Skill Enhancement

ElevateMe's curriculum, crafted by industry experts, coupled with hands-on project work, significantly boosts students' technical capabilities. This preparation ensures they meet the demands of the IT industry. Furthermore, students engage in real projects within a simulated company environment from top U.S. companies, providing practical experience that mirrors actual working conditions.

Portfolio Development

Under the mentorship of industry experts, ElevateMe students create a robust portfolio that not only highlights their real-world projects but also enhances their professional visibility. This comprehensive portfolio development includes building a strong GitHub profile and optimizing their LinkedIn presence, ensuring that students effectively showcase their technical skills and project experience to potential employers. This strategic presentation greatly increases their attractiveness to top companies in the IT sector.

Time Saving

Our program significantly enhances efficiency by assigning a personal recruiter to handle all aspects of the job application process, including scheduling interviews. This allows students to focus more on refining their technical skills and interview preparation. By managing the administrative tasks of job hunting, we help streamline your path to employment, ensuring you can dedicate your time to developing the professional skills crucial for your success in the IT industry.

Interview Readiness

At ElevateMe, we provide specialized training designed to prepare students for both the technical and cultural nuances of job interviews. This comprehensive coaching is led by 1:1 career coaches and technical experts who specifically focus on key interview stages—HR rounds and technical rounds. Their guidance ensures that students are well-prepared to handle interview questions effectively, boosting their confidence and increasing their chances of securing job offers. This targeted support not only enhances interview performance but also familiarizes students with the expectations of U.S. employers, ensuring they are ready to impress in both interpersonal and skill-based evaluations.

1:1 Career and Technical Mentorship

Personalized Career and Technical Mentorship: ElevateMe offers each student tailored career planning sessions and technical mentorship, guided by a dedicated coach and expert mentor. This dual support system is customized to align with each student's specific career aspirations and technical skills. The career coach and technical mentor collaborate to evaluate the student's strengths, weaknesses, and interests, formulating a strategic plan that not only targets ideal job roles but also maps out the technical competencies needed. This personalized approach ensures students are equipped with a clear career roadmap and the necessary technical guidance, enhancing their ability to successfully navigate the competitive IT industry.

Alumni Benefits

ElevateMe's alumni network provides substantial advantages, offering a platform for graduates to remain connected and engaged with the professional community. Alumni have access to exclusive job opportunities, ongoing career advancement resources, and the chance to participate in mentoring current students. This network acts as a bridge to industry insights and trends, fostering professional growth and networking opportunities. Additionally, alumni can leverage their connection to the community to facilitate career transitions and explore new ventures, ensuring they continue to benefit from their association with ElevateMe long after graduation.

Program Features Comparison

The table outlines ElevateMe's superior support and resources compared to solo efforts and other programs, aiding in understanding its distinct advantages for education and career preparation.

Feature Solo Effort Consultancies ElevateMe
1:1 Real-time Project Training
GitHub Portfolio
1:1 Expert Mentoring
1:1 Interview Prep
Market & Culture Insight 
1:1 Career Coaching
Peer Community 
Q&A Sessions 
Resume & LinkedIn 
Job Application Help 
Industry-Infused Resume 
Some Level Of Service Comprehensive Solution Disadvantage in Most Areas

ElevateMe is not a consultancy. It is ElevateMe