ElevateMe Referral Program: Empower and Earn!

Join the ElevateMe Referral Program and play a crucial role in guiding others towards a transformative educational experience. By referring aspiring IT professionals to ElevateMe, you not only contribute to their success but also earn significant rewards for each successful enrolment and completion milestone.

ElevateMe Referral Program

Step 1:

Affiliate Refers

  • Sign Up: Affiliates register for the referral program using via a link provided on the ElevateMe website.
  • Refer: Affiliates will add the information of the reference on the same link.
Step 2:

Reference Enrolls

  • Enrollment: Our team will contact the reference and enrol them with ElevateMe program.
  • Reward: Once the referral enrolls and starts their program, the affiliate earns a $100 Visa gift card as an initial reward.
Step 3:

Reference Completes 8 Weeks

  • Course Progression: The referred student must successfully complete the first 8 weeks of their program without requesting a refund.
  • Additional Reward: If the referred student meets these conditions, the affiliate receives an additional $400 Visa gift card, making a total reward of $500 per successful referral.

Important Details About the ElevateMe Referral Program

  1. Earning Rewards
    • Initial Reward: Affiliates earn a $100 Visa gift card when their referral successfully enrolls in ElevateMe.
    • Completion Reward: After the referred student completes the first 8 weeks of their program without requesting a refund, the affiliate receives an additional $400 Visa gift card.
  2. Unsuccessful Referrals
    • No Earnings on Rejection: If a referred candidate is not selected by ElevateMe, the affiliate does not earn any rewards for that referral.
  3. Signing Up for the Affiliate Program
    • Registration Process: To become an affiliate click the link below. Fill out the required information to register.
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